Your First Visit

Seeking therapy can a bit unnerving, especially when one is not sure of what happens in a therapy session.

Once your appointment is made, you may fill out the Consent to Service and the intake Information Sheet by visiting our Intake Forms page.

These will be reviewed with you at your first session.

Here is a summary of what will happen during your first session…

During the first therapy session, the psychologist will introduce herself and talk about confidentiality.

All content discussed during a session is confidential.

It is kept between the client (you) and the psychologist (Mylène).  Mylène will ask you to sign a confidentiality form.

At this point, the psychologist may ask you to sign an additional consent form if there is a need to speak with another party about therapy content (example : family physician, school personnel, family member…).

Therapy is completely voluntary and you can remove your consent at any time.

Consent forms can be signed in advance.  They will then be reviewed with you in person.

Once the consent forms are signed, the psychologist will invite you to describe your presenting problem/issue/concern.

The aim is to be able to understand your current concerns as well as some prior history that may impact what you are going through.

Mylène will ask you questions and may ask you to fill out questionnaires.  Understanding the dynamics of your problems will help her provide the most effective treatment for you.

Mylène will ask you about your therapy goals; what you envision to feel at the end of treatment.   Once a clear goal of therapy is established, she will give you homework so that you may begin working towards your goal at home.

Your next session will be scheduled and we will discuss approximately how many sessions you will need to reach your goal(s).

Your first session will last one hour.  However, a first session can be longer so please allow some extra time.   Subsequent sessions will be approximately 50 minutes.   Theses sessions will focus on treatment and the evaluation of the treatment may modify their treatment approach to gain better outcomes.


The fee for a one hour (60 minute) therapy session is $200.

Please note that psychological fees can  be deducted as a medical expense on your personal income tax return (keep all of your receipts).

To learn all about psychologists’ fees, health insurance, employee assistance programs and income tax considerations click here to see our new page… Fees, Insurance and EAPs.

Schedule an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment with Mylène please go to Make an Appointment . You can check availability, schedule your own appointments, reschedule and/or cancel 24 hours per day online.

Please note: Mylène requires at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel your appointment.

Once your appointment is made, you may fill out the consent form and the intake questionnaire (information sheet) by visiting our Intake Forms page.

These will be reviewed with you at your first session.

Make a payment online

Ideally, payment is made prior to your session by clicking Make a Payment . This will take you to a secure page that allows payments by credit card or bank transfer through PayPal

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Prepayment allows you to take full advantage of your 60 minute session.

Payment can also be made at the end of your session by cash, MasterCard, Visa, cheque or PayPal.

Once payment is received, you will be given a receipt of payment which will include Mylène’s registration number and credentials..

With this receipt, you will be able to go to your health benefit insurance company and be reimbursed or use it for income tax deduction. Learn more.

Contact Mylène


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**  If this is an emergency situation, please call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.